Monday, November 8, 2010

Sedin Slap Pass

Sedin Slap Pass

No other two players come close to Henrik and Daniel Sedin's uncanny ability to play hockey together. Each seems to know the others position on the ice at all times and can anticipate the others every move.

A great example of this is their patented Slap Pass.

Before the Sedins perfected this play, pucks were either deflected near the goalie, or picked out of the air to redirect a shot that was on its way to the net or perhaps going wide.

The Sedins changed the game by setting up (usually) outside of the slot and (usually) outside of the direct shooting lane in line with the net. Sedin 'A' shoots the puck hard along the ice to Sedin 'B' who is ready to re-direct the shot towards the net with his stick on the ice. The results are usually fantastic.

This is a very tough move to practice, as you need a partner with patience and an accurate shot.

Watch and learn:

As the announcer says, it's a tough play to defend against. Usually the player closest to the goalie is the most dangerous threat, so that's the guy the defenseman covers. Unfortunately that leaves Sedin wide open to perform his magic.

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