Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to Screen The Goalie

How to Screen The Goalie

When your teammate is lining up for a shot on goal, you can play a big part to increase the chances of scoring a goal by screening the other team’s goalie.

Getting if front of the goalie’s line of site isn’t always as easy as it sounds. You’ll be standing in prime real estate with a huge target on your back square in the sights of some big-ass defenseman whose job is to get you the hell out of there any way he can. If you’re big, strong on your skates, and don’t mind taking a little bodily abuse, you can simply park yourself in front of the goalie and wait for the shot. Just be sure to stay out of the crease and don’t interfere with the goalie at all.

Another option is to stay off to the side of the net and time your screen to be in front of the goalie just when your teammate’s shoots the puck. This gives the goalie a better look at the play before the shot, but also gives you the element of surprise on the unsuspecting goalie.

No matter where you are around the front of the net you’re going to be watched closely by the defense. As soon as you get in front of the goalie’s line of site, you can expect a visit from the D-Man. An effective way to gain an extra second of screen-time is to push off a defenseman immediately prior to the shot.

Here’s an example of Burroughs doing just that on a screen that results in a goal by Kevin Bieksa.

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