Sunday, October 30, 2011

Backwards Skating Tips

In order to play defense in hockey, you've got to be able to confidently skate backwards. Switching from forward skating to backwards and back again is crucial.

  • Knees and ankles REALLY bent
  • Skates shoulder-width apart
  • Back straight and eyes looking forward
  • Pretend you're sitting on a chair
  • Keep your butt low to the ice
  • Keep only your top hand on the stick
  • Start each push from directly under your body
Dig into the ice and push off hard to the side starting from your heel to your toe, forming a half moon, or C-cut on the ice. While gliding on the other skate, bring your pushing skate back underneath you. Try not to swivel your hips.

The most common mistake I see players make is leaning too far forward, bending at the waist. While this might be easier on your thighs, you'll have far less power, and a tougher time keeping your head up to watch the forward coming down on you.

Here's a great way to learn backwards skating from good ole' Howie Meeker!

Here's a few more drills you can practice:


Anonymous said...

I like it!

usa ice skater said...

Great tips although this kind of method really applies only to advanced skill in ice skating.

amazing hockey said...

Not everybody can do backward skating but at least they should know about it. Anyway thanks for the share, it is really good for beginners.