Monday, December 27, 2010

Hockey Shooting Tips

Hockey Shooting Tips

Shooting from the Opposite Wing

One of the advantages of approaching the opponents net on your opposite wing (left handed shooter on the right wing and right handed shooters on the left wing) is that the angle of your shot is closer to the net.

When shooting from your 'regular' side, the puck has to travel at a sharper angle, so it's easier for the goalie to stop.

Here's a great example from Jeff Tambellini:

Notice how he is shooting off his inside (left) leg? This is an important skill to learn to give you more power from your wrist shot when shooting form the opposite wing. You can easily practice this during the warm-up before your next game while everyone is circling the net. Try to place as much weight as possible on your inside leg while still keeping your balance. Power will come with practice.

Here's the same play again 3 day s later. This shooting tip has obviously helped Jeff along the way.

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