Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Timer Slap Shot

How to Shoot a One-Timer

A One-timer is simply a slap shot that you shoot as soon as you receive the puck.  Your stick only makes contact with the puck once.

The big advantage to any slap shot is the speed of the shot. Fast, hard shots are harder for the goalie to stop. What you gain in power, you loose in precision and accuracy compared to a wrist, or snap shot.

The goal of a one-timer is get the the puck off fast, hard, and on-net. If you take the time to receive the pass and aim, the goalie has a chance to move back into position and take a way a prime scoring chance.

The key is timing, and it's not easy. You've got to wind up for your shot before the puck arrives. You'll find a short, low windup at about knee level and moving your lower hand down on your stick and getting as low as possible will help. You've got to practice. It's way too easy to fan on your shot, or miss the net if the first time you try a one-timer is in a game. Have a buddy feed you some pucks before a game and blast the into the corner during a warm-up before your next game.

The best time to try a one-timer is when the goalie is out of position. This often happens on cross-ice passes in front of the net. The goalie is setup initially for the player with the puck on one side, then has to quickly move to the other side of the for the one-timer. This play works best with fast, crisp passes. A soft pass usually gives the goalie too much time.

Here's a great example of a one-timer. Malkin is down so low he's practically down on one knee.

Here's the infamous Phaneuf One-timer to Luongo's mask.

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