Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Original Skate Squeegee Review

The Original Skate Squeegee
Like most hockey players, I've been using my fingers or an old towel to wipe off my skate blades after each game. I recently found out about the Original Skate Squeegee and decided to give it a test drive.

As usual, my skates were pretty wet from the melted ice and snow built up after the game. I slid the Original Skate Squeegee along the bottom of each skate blade, and it cleaned off all the snow and moisture in one swipe. It's really just that simple to use.

I like devices that do one thing really well, as opposed to 10 different things in a mediocre manner. The Original Skate Squeegee does exactly what it's supposed to do. It cleans your skate blades effectively, safely and effortlessly. You can actually hear the squeak of the squeegee cleaning your blade.

After I'm finished a game both my body and my brain are pretty much exhausted. Not having to make sure I don't cut myself while cleaning my skate blades is just one less thing to have to think about as I drink my beer with half my gear still on, trying to work up enough energy to hit the showers.

I'm usually not one for new gadgets, but the Original Skate Squeegee takes up very little space and does a great job of cleaning skate blades, so It's a keeper. Now I can get rid of that stinky skate towel in my bag as well. Order yours online or get a bunch screened as promotional items at: The Original Skate Squeegee.

Now if only I could find a device this useful to help me score more goals ....

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