Friday, April 23, 2010

Slapshot Tips

Adrian Aucoin's Slapshot Tips

Adrian Aucoin shows us some great a slapshot tips and puts a a nice demo:

Slapshot Tips:

  • Bend Your knees to get low - Most of your strength comes from your legs and lower body
  • Drop your bottom hand low on the stick
  • Really lean into the shot
  • Hit the ice a couple inches or so behind the puck.
  • Hit the ice further back on a one-timer
  • Keep your head up so you can aim your shot
  • Start with a low back-swing to get the shot off quick
  • Transfer your weight towards the target
  • Keep your stick low on the Follow through pointing your stick at the target

Aucoin's 102 mile shot at the 2004 All Star shootout with his wooden stick:

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