Friday, April 9, 2010

How to Aim Your Wristshot

Written by Jeremy Rupke from

Are you having trouble picking those top corners? Do you want to score more goals, and have a more accurate and consistent wrist shot? Read the tips below to learn how to improve your wrist shot aim.

First it is important to know how to take a wrist shot I assume that you have a decent shot already and now you want to fine tune it and score more goals. In order to improve the aim of your wrist shot there are five things you can do
  • Look where you shoot
    • It is important to look where you are shooting. This seems obvious, but a lot of players look at their stick to make sure the puck is still there, then shoot the puck into the goalies chest.
    • Looking not only helps your accuracy, but also helps you spot a good place to shoot. Look at the net and find an open spot to shoot and then shoot (but not until you follow all the other tips)
  • Pull the puck back
    • If you just flick the puck, it is only on the blade of your stick for a fraction of a second, this does not give you much time to aim the puck. Pull the puck back and continue to pull it, and then push it in the direction you want it to go.
    • Pulling the puck back also helps you improve the power of your wrist shot
  • Follow through
    • The follow through is important for aiming high or low, and left to right.
    • Follow through high to shoot, and follow through low to shoot low
    • To aim the puck left or right simple point the toe of the blade where you want the puck to go. This is helpful as it also trains you to roll and flick your wrists during the shot
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