Sunday, January 23, 2011

Plastic Ankle Guards

Montreal Canadiens players have recently been extolling the virtues of skate-boot guards and their ability to stop pucks

“I took a shot off the foot in the Washington game [Nov. 20] and it hurt pretty bad,” Travis Moen said in a recent interview. “That's when I decided to try them.”

“Them” refers to the moulded plastic skate guards he and a half-dozen other members of the Canadiens have taken to wearing in games.

“You still feel it when the puck hits you, it's just that it doesn't do as much damage,” Moen said. “They're pretty light and they don't really get in the way.”

Professional hockey teams are nothing if not adept at problem-solving. In the Canadiens' case, the squad has been beset by a rash of foot injuries this season. (Who knew the Habs dressing room was such a hazardous place for feet?)

“They're unbelievable, I've taken three or four pretty good shots off them and it didn't really hurt,” Spacek said. “Now I know I can just go for it and nothing too bad will happen to me.”
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