Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kevlar Hockey Socks

In the past two NHL seasons, Andrei Markov, Cam Ward , Teemu Salanne, Robert Lang and Joe Corvo, and most recently Kevin Bieksa (again) have all sustained serious cuts from skate blades.

In response, a Montreal company called Intelligent Apparel has designed 2 new protective sport socks: Tactics Armoured Skate Socks and Armoured Hockey Socks
“Our goal was to develop a skate sock that would perform and protect at the highest level of sport."
- Marshall Ferneyhough, director of sales for Intelligent Apparel.

Using Kevlar and two other technologically advanced fabrics available, Intelligent Apparel believes that Tactics Armoured Skate Socks are the most innovative foot sock in hockey today. Kevlar fabric provides 360° cut protection throughout the entire sock.

By knitting a Kevlar lining inside a sport-mesh polyester outer shell, Intelligent Apparel has created a cut-resistant hockey sock - the first of its kind. Vertical stretch and lateral compression characteristics combine to offer uninhibited mobility and a snug equipment fit. A polyester outer layer is sublimation ready for limitless graphic creativity.

I'm curious how light they are and how they breath compared to old-school socks. If I get ahold of a pair I'll let you know!


Paulina said...

Hi Richard,

Marshall Ferneyhough here from Tactics Armoured Skate Socks. We firmly believe this is the future of hockey socks. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the weight and breath-ability.

I would be happy to provide you with a set for you to review. The weight falls in between a traditional sock and the current Reebok Edge sock used in the NHL. Tactics Hockey Socks will not absorb water like the old socks and will not cut like the new socks. I think we have a great balance of safety and performance.

As always, all feedback from everyday hockey players is greatly valued. We look forward to hearing your review!

PapaJim said...

The question that I have is with all of this wonderful protective gear available, how is it possible for a player like Hal Gill to suffer the injury that he did in the game last night? Maybe he does not wear Kevlar Socks.