Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tiger Woods Scandal: Sex, Drugs and Hockey

The Billionaire Golfer, likes sex and drugs, but not hockey. Tiger Woods image is taking a huge hit and so is his wallet, apparently, as his team tries to squash rumors of extra marital affairs and drug use. Apparently the Billionaire Golfer liked to take the prescription medication, Ambien before his romps with Rachel Uchitel.

Will Canadians, forgive Tiger his transgressions? Maybe not, Mr. Woods fell out of favor with Canadian hockey fans 18 months ago and many have still not forgotten. The 2008 Yahoo Sports article is still getting icy comments. What did Tiger say that provoked us?
"I don't think anyone really watches hockey anymore." , said Tiger.
It's not the quote, so much, that riles up Canadians, it's that he dissed our national sport after our national super hero, Wayne Gretzky spoke so graciously of Tiger.
"He's the greatest athlete I've ever seen," adding, "You ever tried to golf? You better be a good athlete if you try to golf." says Gretzky.
Gretzky, on the other hand has avoided scandal, except his wife getting caught up in sports betting. She was never charged.

If the Tiger Woods team needs some advice on how to turn Tiger's image around, they might want to look at the life of one of the finest sportsmen there ever was, Wayne Gretzky.

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