Monday, January 31, 2011

New Foot Protection

Manitoba based Parrott Ventures has just announced a new product to protect you feet called Spats.  

Spats are a high density polyethylene shield that protects the top, and the inside of your foot. It won't protect your ankle, so you can't really call them ankle guards.

They attach through your laces, then once you've tied up your skate, you flip over it top of your skate, and attach it underneath with a strap. Video demos can be viewed on their website.

Spats sell for $50 and can be ordered online at

I've never tried or seen them, so if any of you have, please leave a review in the comments.


Scott said...

I wear a set of Spats. I have had them on for almost 2 complete seasons. They're great. They flip out of the way while tightening your skates and when you're done, a simple strap with velcro holds the spat in place. They are really hardly know you have them on. I have taken a couple of shots off of them and not so much as a red mark after...amazing. Well worth the money to prevent a broken bone in the foot.

Trent said...

I also wear a set of Spats, which I have done for two years now. As a defenceman, I was constantly taking shots off the feet. I no longer have to worry about that because you hardly feel them with a pair of Spats on.