Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hockey Warm Up Drills: Corners

Pre-Game Hockey Warm-Up Drill

The easiest drill to warm up before a game is the half-ice St.Louis simply known as 'corners'.

Once your goalie was been warmed up with a few easy shots, (try to avoid the goalie's head during warm up if at all possible. He is on YOUR TEAM after all.) simply yell 'CORNERS' and bang you stick on the ice if no one seems to be paying attention.

Players then divide in half and migrate to the two corners behind the net on your half of the ice. The first player - usually a keener, or the person that called the drill bursts out from the corner up the boards towards the blue line without a puck (green dot).

At the blue line, he crosses over the the middle of the ice and turns back towards the net and heads in on goal.

Once the green player cross the blue line, a player from the opposite corner (orange dot) then passes the green player the puck.

The player who just passed the puck (orange dot) then bursts up the boards on his side and cuts back into the middle, while the first player moves in on goal, shoots, and of course, scores.

The orange player then receives a pass from the next green player in the right corner.  The second green player then bursts up the wing and the drill repeats. The passing then alternates side to side. First you pass, then you skate (except for the very first player who start the drill.)

After you shoot you can line up again in whichever corner has the shortest line. Don't hang around behind the net or you might get plumelled by a wide shot.

Whenever your warming up before a game, don't bother practicing your deke. It does nothing to warm up your goalie, and may end up getting him fustrated. If you want to practice your deke before a game, get out first on the ice and practice on the empty net before your goalie gets in place.

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