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Goaltending and Goalie Tips

The Ready Position

Stand in the crease with your knees bent. This will be the stance you will stay in for the majority of the game. Keeping the knees bent aids in faster reactions to shots on goal.

Keep both hands held out in front of you at equal height. The catching glove should remain open (until there is a catch), and the blocker should be held out in front of the knees.

Keep your stick on the ice at all times. Put the stick at a slight angle and make sure that it is held away from the toes of your skates. The stick should always touch the ice and never touch the toes of your skates.

Stay balanced, keeping your weight on the balls of your feet. The head stays up, and the arms and legs move independently of each other. Practice your ready position until you feel comfortable and ready for anything.

The Butterfly Save

Drop to your knees by putting your feet out sideways. Try to be covering as much net as possible.

Keep the stick on the ice! Namely, the stick should be on the ice and covering the small space between the legs (known as the five-hole).

Put your open catching glove out in front of you, keeping it low and close to the legs.

Work on maneuvering your body from side to side while on your knees. It is equally important to learn how to quickly return to an upright position from the butterfly position.

Learn the art of effective goalie/team communication. Know the essential signals (such as raising the glove hand to signal icing calls) and phrases to let your men know what's going on around you.

Develop a strong sense of hand-eye coordination and keen ability to keep track of the puck. These are essential elements for a good glove save.

Work on your stick handling. You should be able to effectively maneuver the puck if it comes your way, and you should be able to do it without removing your bulky gloves. Among other things, you should develop the ability to pull off one-handed passes with ease.

All of this information is simply a drop in the bucket in the world of goal tending. The best learning method is to listen to your coach and do your drills.

Goaltending Glove Save Tips:

Keep Your glove open with the pocket facing out.
Watch (follow) the puck all the way into your glove.

Source: WikiHow Goaltending Tips: How to Play Goalie in Hockey

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