Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hockey Poll Results

In Fall 2008 I asked our readers the Hockey Poll question:
Which area of your game would you like to improve the most.

Here are the Hockey Poll results:

You can’t go wrong by becoming a faster skater.
Improve your skating, and you’ll improve your game.

Here's what MSN Encarta has to say about skating:
Skating is ice hockey’s most important skill. Good skaters are able to accelerate, maintain balance while struggling for the puck, stop quickly, and change direction abruptly. Several players in the National Hockey League (NHL) have been known to skate faster than 25 mph (40 km/h) while handling the puck.

The Hockey Journal on skating:
No doubt about it though, skating is crucial – and not necessarily just because it helps to be quick or fast, or sturdy and strong, or agile and nimble, or powerful and speedy. More important, being a good skater also plays a huge role in all the other skills that are necessary to play the game effectively – stick-handling, passing, shooting, and stick and body checking. The better a player skates, the better he or she will be at all of those skills, and the quicker a player will be able to develop and improve those skills.

Here’s a couple tips I picked up on skating:
Skating Tips: Upper Body Control
Skating Tips: Speed Kills

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