Wednesday, December 10, 2008

4 Reasons to Work on Your Backhand Shot

The Backhand is a tough shot to master. Most players rarely practice their backhand, so why should YOU?

Generally speaking, you should try to shoot on your forehand side whenever possible, but sometimes you have no choice but to shoot backhand.

4 Reasons to Work on Your Backhand

  1. You’re on a breakaway, the goalie is way out of the crease, so you decide to deke. If you’re not confident in your backhand, you’ll always deke to your forehand. Surprise the goalie by going to your backhand. Roof it and send his water bottle flying off the top of the net. Highlight reel for sure!

  2. You’re in close to the net and receive a pass on your backhand. If there’s someone on you, better to shoot backhand than to pull it to your forehand and risk getting checked. (see Eric Stall video below.)

  3. You’re deep in your own end and you’ve got to clear the puck out of the zone using your backhand. A feeble backhand clearing attempt can easily result in the opposing team stealing the puck. No highlight reel for you!

  4. You’re heading towards the net on your opposite wing with just one player between you and the goalie. Carrying the puck on your backhand with one hand on the stick and your other arm blocking the defender is a powerful way to cut into the slot.

    If you can bring the puck to your forehand, you’ve got a great chance of flipping it past the goalie. But sometimes you just run out of room. At this point, going behind the net is an option, but so is a backhand shot on goal. A shot on net isn’t always the best play, but it’s never a bad play.

Toronto’s Nikolai Kulemin Awesome Backhand Goal vs St.Louis

Eric Stall Receives a quick pass on his backhand and pops in it top shelf on Niittymaki with his backhand.

In a tight situation, a shooting backhand may be your best option. Practice the basics and you’ll have a decent backhand shot when you need it the most.

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