Thursday, April 10, 2008

How to make a Saucer Pass

How to make a Saucer Pass

Saucer Pass
Improve your Passing Skills

Better passing means getting the puck successfully to your teammate, even in tough situations. Sometimes you may need to pass the puck over an opponent’s stick or wayward limb strewn on the ice.

While you definitely need to clear the object you’re passing over, you don’t want to flip the puck too high in the air. This will make the puck bounce around when it lands on the ice, making it tough for your teammate to receive the pass.

Saucer Pass
Spin that Puck!

Start the saucer pass with the puck near the heel of your stick and roll it towards the toe as you follow through. Spinning the puck and keeping it level allows you to create a saucer-line path, something like a Frisbee.

On any other pass you would point the toe of your blade towards your target, but as the puck will be in the air, you want to keep the puck level to make sure it lands flat. Keep the blade of your stick open and gently make the pass. Try aiming the heel of your stick towards the target, rather than the toe.

Here's a beautiful saucer pass from Daniel Sedin to Kesler:

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